Japan’s foreign minister Yoshimasa Hayashi attend G7 meeting about Ukraine

Japan's foreign minister Yoshimasa Hayashi

Today morning Japan’s foreign minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said he will attend G7 meeting to discuss Ukraine crisis in Brussels via teleconference.

Japanese unfamiliar clergyman Yoshimasa Hayashi will go to a Group of Seven (G7) meeting planned for Friday to examine and organize reactions to the Ukraine emergency, the unfamiliar service said, as Russia’s attack of Ukraine entered its 10th day.

About Yoshimasa Hayashi

Yoshimasa Hayashi is a Japanese politician who has currently served as Minister for Foreign Affairs since November 2021. A member of the Liberal Democratic Party, he has also served in the House of Representatives for the Yamaguchi 3rd district since 2021

In a proclamation on Friday morning, the service said Hayashi will go to a G7 meeting in Brussels through video chat.

“We will trade sees on the best way to deal with (the current circumstance in Ukraine) and plan to fortify the G7’s coordination over the matter,” the service said.

Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine began last week, setting off the greatest assault on a European state since World War Two. Thousands are remembered to have kicked the bucket or been injured and Russia’s economy has been shaken by global authorizations.