World’s Scariest Fight, with Sajad ‘Iranian Hulk’ Gharibi and Martyn

Scariest Fight, with Sajad 'Iranian Hulk' Gharibi and Martyn

A Bodybuilder Dubbed the ‘Iranian Hulk’ Is Punching Concrete Walls to Prepare for His Boxing Match

As though the World’s Strongest Fight between two previous strongmen – Eddie Hall and Hafþór Björnsson – wasn’t sufficient, we presently have the World’s Scariest Fight, with weight lifters Sajad ‘Iranian Hulk’ Gharibi and Martyn ‘Most startling Man on the Planet’ Ford set to go at it in April 2022.

Considering that this is the World’s Scariest Fight, the preparation has must be moved forward an indent as well, and Gharibi has been sharing film of him punching dividers, pounding watermelons and twisting metal.

Will any of these demonstrations help his boxing? Presumably not. Will a man named the most terrifying man on earth be scared by somebody squashing watermelons? Presumably not. Does it make for a great 4-minute video? Erm, sort of.

While Gharibi has been utilizing surprising preparing techniques (maybe he’d call them inventive), Ford has vowed to put himself through the “most vivacious battle camp EVER”, and has effectively gone from 23.7 stones to 22.5 stone by zeroing in his preparation on development rather than lifting.

“What it slips individuals’ mind,” composed Ford on Instagram, “is that prior to moving loads I was a very fit competitor. I guarantee you, in 5 months time, April second, o2 Arena, I will be taking his jaw clear off.

“There truly is no rivalry here, I don’t expect whatever else however a perfect TKO and afterward the most unbelievable get-together London has seen. I can not hold on to see every one of you there.”