Covid cases in China Hit 900 Million

Covid Cases in China

Covid cases in China hit 900 Million at present. According to research published on January 11 by Peking University. Roughly 900 million people in China have been infected with the coronavirus.

The percentage of infected citizens is highest in Gansu province (91%), followed by Yunnan (84%) and Qinghai (80%).

During Lunar New Year, a leading Chinese epidemiologist predicts an upsurge in rural cases.

Zeng Guang, the former head of China’s CDC, predicted a two- to three-month Covid spike peak.

Before the lunar new year on January 23, hundreds of millions of Chinese are returning to their hometowns. Many are doing so for the first time since the pandemic began.

Having abandoned zero-Covid, China has stopped publishing daily Covid figures.

As the Covid virus has spread across the country. However, hospitals in major cities, which typically have better and more readily available healthcare services, have grown overcrowded.

Mr. Zeng, speaking at an event earlier this month, said on the Caixin news site, “Time to focus on the rural areas.”

He also noted that many rural aged, sick, and crippled were falling behind in terms of Covid care.

Only China’s central Henan province has released infection data. A local health official reported earlier this month that roughly 90% of the province’s population had been infected with Covid.

Officials, however, claim that many jurisdictions have moved past the epidemic’s peak.

Impact of Covid Cases in China on The Lunar New Year

On January 21, China will begin its annual Lunar New Year celebrations, which draw the largest yearly human movement of any country.

Tens of millions of individuals have already traveled. It is estimated that two billion trips will be taken in total.

Chinese officials suddenly reversed their zero Covid policy last month. Its borders were also opened again on Sunday.

Inconsistent with the huge lines at funeral houses and the tales of deaths on social media, official data shows five or fewer deaths a day over the past month.

In December, Chinese officials announced they would be issuing monthly updates on the Covid Cases in China, down from the previous frequency of daily briefings.

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In a statement released on Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) claimed that China was severely under-reporting Covid deaths since the country had stopped reporting such deaths.

At a routine press briefing on Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin reiterated his earlier comments that Beijing had been releasing Covid data in “a timely, open and transparent manner in compliance with the law,” citing the last month’s worth of technical interactions with the WHO.

At least one million fatalities in China have been attributed to Covids this year, according to international health experts. Official reports from Beijing indicate that slightly more than 5,000 people have lost their lives due to the pandemic.